Spanish for medics

If you are a Medical professional interested in an hospital to hospital exchange program with Mexico, then we have the course for you. This specialized course is offered in Spanish or English by doctors assisted by  doctors or nurses in the Medical field. We can tailour a course that fits your needs.

Medical Spanish

Spanish Course for Medical Professionals

Doctors, nurses, and all those who work in the health care fields will find this course indispensable in furthering their Medical careers. Courses can also be tailored to accommodate the needs of each specific health care field.

Structure and content:

The course is divided into three general areas:

• Essential Spanish grammar

• Medical terminology

• In-patient hospital visits

In order to maximize the learning process and enrich your learning experience, the course consists of a total of 50 hours of classroom instruction and in-patient hospital visits divided in the following manner:

• Spanish grammar/conversation: 24 hours

• Specialized Medical classes: 22 hours

• In-patient hospital visits: 4 hours

General course content:

• Essential grammar (reflexive verbs, to hurt, to like, to feel, pronouns, adjectives, imperatives, and other vital verbs needed for basic conversation.)

• Alphabet, numbers, colours, time expressions, informal greetings/ expressions, and idioms that are particular to the medical field.

• In-patient hospital visits (4 total)

• Human anatomy

• Medical vocabulary and terminology

• Clinical history and interviews

• Allergic reactions

• Laboratory procedures

• Spanish for nurses and laboratory technicians (blood test, etc)

• Spanish medical videos

• Emergency room videos

• Admission data

General Information:

Schedule: 9:00am to 2:00pm, Monday through Friday (flexible if required)

Intensity: 25 hours per week (full time)

Duration: 2 weeks

Start dates: monthly

Level: Pre-intermediate-Intermediate

Classes: Maximum 16 students per group

Cost: $575.00 US

Course Benefits:

• Small class size ensures learning and more individual attention and monitoring

• Proven and interesting curriculum and textbooks

• Experienced and friendly certified teachers

• Dynamic and fun learning activities

• Flexible course programming to suit group’s needs (SEE NOTE BELOW)

• One-on-one interaction with patients in hospital provides real-life training

• Access to doctors (bilingual when possible) to serve as interpreters, etc


Due to the nature of the demands placed upon medical professionals in terms of their schedule, class times can be modified that best accommodate the needs of the group. When arranging for a group class, please mention in advance the schedule that you require, and we’ll tailor it for you!

Mission Statement:

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